The Wyoming Capitol Square project involves and centers around the restoration of the Wyoming State Capitol, which is a National Historic Landmark. The project has several components which may be executed in a sequenced/phased schedule:

  1. Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Capitol
  2. Rehabilitation and expansion of the Herschler Building
  3. Selective demolition and renovation of the below-grade gallery space that connects the Capitol and Herschler Building
  4. Modifications to the drives and parking area below the Herschler Building
  5. New Central Utility Plant (CUP)
  6. Adjacent/ancillary site and system improvements

The Wyoming Capitol Square project has several important goals, among them are:

  1. To address life-safety and building code issues
  2. To invest in existing building needs and lessen the State’s lease burden
  3. To be a host to the residents of Wyoming for their direct and meaningful participation in government, specifically regarding the creation of larger committee rooms for the public to participate more fully in legislative committee meetings
  4. To improve safety and security for building occupants and visitors
  5. To improve heating, cooling and ventilation systems and energy efficiency
  6. To improve Capitol Complex parking and site amenities