The Capitol Extension cannot accommodate all of the displaced functions from the Capitol. The Herschler Building, due to its proximity to the Capitol and to the Extension, is the most logical location to house these functions. The building will also be used to relocate some of the infrastructure needed to support the Capitol Complex. However, in order to accommodate these needs, the building must be reconfigured and expanded.  

Herschler Building Value

The Herschler Building is an important asset not only because of its ideal location next to the Capitol, but also because the State can leverage existing infrastructure, which is valued at approximately $25 million in today’s dollars. The building is roughly 229,000 gross square feet, with 173,000 net assignable square feet above-grade. Read more

Herschler Building Problems

The Herschler Building was completed in 1983 and no renovations have occurred since that time. Significant repairs are needed to extend the life of the building. The Herschler Building pre-dates the ADA and systems do not meet current code requirements. The building’s current circulation and space configuration is inefficient. Read more

Solutions for the Herschler Building

Many of the building systems will be replaced. The exterior will be replaced and new entry points will be added to improve access to the building and to address building circulation inefficiencies. Read more

Advantages of the South Expansion

Widening the building to the south takes advantage of the existing foundation system, as well as reinforcing the proximity of the Herschler Building to the Capitol. Replacing the exterior of the Herschler Building provides an opportunity to expand the building and remove the underutilized atrium on the north side of the building. Removal of the atrium improves energy efficiency, reduces noise, and restores Capitol views from the north. Read more

Herschler Building Plans

The Oversight Group on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration gave preliminary approval of the working draft of the Herschler Building Design Guidelines and Imperatives and approved preliminary designs of what the exterior of the Herschler Building would look like. Read more


Appropriations for the Herschler building were made by the 45th Legislature. The architect of record was Kemper and Pappas PC Architects, and the design architect was RNL. The Herschler Building was constructed by M.A. Mortenson Company. Construction of the Herschler Building began in 1981 and was completed in 1983. The building is named after former Governor Ed Herschler. Read more