The Wyoming Legislature created a joint advisory task force of the legislative and executive branches for the purpose of developing and reporting the rehabilitation and restoration priorities for the Capitol.


Sen. Tony Ross and Rep. Rosie Berger are the co-chairmen. The Advisory Task Force on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration consists of three members of the Senate, three members of the House of Representatives, representatives appointed by each of the five statewide Elected Offices, two members of the public, staff from the Cultural Resources Division of State Parks and Cultural Resources and the Department of Administration and Information Construction Management program.

Legislative membership includes:

  • Sen. Tony Ross
  • Sen. Fred Emerich
  • Sen. Stephan A. Pappas
  • Rep. Rosie Berger
  • Rep. Dan Zwonitzer
  • Rep. James Byrd

Statewide Elected Office membership includes:

  • Kari Jo Gray, Governor’s Chief of Staff
  • Sandy Urbanek, Auditor's Office
  • Pat Arp, Treasurer's Office
  • Karen Wheeler, Secretary of State's Office
  • Representative for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Public membership (non-voting) includes:

  • Pete Illoway
  • Jayne Mockler

Additional membership (non-voting) includes:

  • Melissa Robb, State Historic Preservation Office
  • Suzanne Norton, Department of Administration and Information, Construction Management


No upcoming meetings have been scheduled.