Capitol Site and Landscape Design Guidelines and Imperatives

During its December 1, 2015 meeting, the Oversight Group on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration gave preliminary approval of the working draft of the Site and Landscape Design Guidelines and Imperatives. Please click here to read the plan.

With the renovation efforts, an opportunity exists to provide landscape and pedestrian access improvements. Such improvements will promote a sense of place and connection to the Capitol, Herschler Building, and surrounding neighborhoods. The complex design is intended to incorporate a cohesive, holistic and multi-use environment that provides a series of aesthetic and functional spaces. In addition, the complex landscape will be designed to create a park-like setting with the introduction of trees and other vegetation. The Capitol grounds will be developed as a singular site/ landscape design approach. The entire complex site is intended to be reviewed as part of the design with the historic north Capitol lawn being re-instituted to establish a sense of reverence and reinforce Wyoming civic pride.