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Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group

The purpose of this meeting is to consider issues related to Capitol design, Herschler Building design, Capitol Extension design, site design, and potential change items.

This proposed agenda sets forth the order in which the Committee may consider each topic. The agenda is subject to revision and all times listed are tentative and may be subject to change. If a topic is concluded early, the Committee will proceed to the next topic. For multiple day meetings, topics not completed on the indicated day may be carried over to the next day. Breaks will be taken as necessary.

Thursday, March 21st 2019

  1. 10:00 AM Call to Order

    • Election of Chairmen

  2. 10:15 AM Overall Project Items

    • David Hart and Paul Brown, MOCA Systems

    • MOCA report

    • General construction update

    • Capitol and extension furniture procurement update

    • AV procurement update

    • PCI for security equipment (transfer from owner’s budget to construction budget)

  3. 11:15 AM Capitol Construction

    • Room name update

  4. 11:30 AM Herschler Building and Capitol Extension Construction

    • David Hart and Paul Brown, MOCA Systems

    • PCI for furniture coordination in Herschler West Building

    • PCI for Fire Alarms in Herschler West Building

  5. 11:30 AM Grand Opening Planning

    • Grand opening update

    • Time capsule

  6. 12:00 PM Public Comment

  7. Next Meeting Dates

    • May meeting [May 8, 9, 13, or 14?]

    • July meeting [tentative based on date of grand opening]

  8. Adjournment

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