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The Oversight Group reviewed the Wyoming Capitol Square Interpretive Plan at its December 1 meeting.  In the next month, Design Minds will work with MOCA, Wyoming Department of Administration and Information Construction Management and the Oversight Subcommittee to determine the next steps for incorporating the plan's recommendations into the Capitol Square Project timeline and budget. 


During its December 1, 2015 meeting, the Oversight Group approved final floor design plans for the Capitol. In the June 2, 2015 meeting, the Oversight Group approved draft design plans for the Capitol that would increase public meeting rooms overall and provide offices for the Secretary of State, State Treasurer and State Auditor around the rotunda on the first floor. The floor plans focus on preserving the grandeur of the Capitol and restoring it as a museum space that can be enjoyed by children and adults. The plans include the development of a learning center in the gallery connecting the Capitol and the Herschler Building to accommodate educational tours before students visit the Capitol. 


In its March 9 meeting, the Oversight Group on Capitol Rehabilitation and Restoration approved preliminary designs of what the exterior of the Herschler Building would look like. Multiple areas of the existing building envelope are failing, resulting in water penetration and rust damage. The building envelope constitutes any element of a building that is exposed to the exterior elements. Replacing the entire exterior wall system not only addresses the failures in the existing system, but it also allows replacement of the wall systems with finishes that will be complementary to the Capitol. The failing envelope will be replaced with a combination of building elements that more appropriately relate to the scale of the Capitol and will include replacement of the imposing, windowless south-facing walls. The work also allows for expansion of the building by adding approximately 49,000 square feet to the south side of the east and west wings of the existing structure.


Renovation of a historic structure is complex and requires careful preparation. Planning for this effort has been underway for about 15 years. A number of studies have been completed and the Legislature created a savings account for the project in 2003, saving over $100 million in advance for the project. 

Studies of Options

The State of Wyoming has conducted a number of studies over the last several years anticipating this project and the need for additional space to accommodate needs that could not be met in the Capitol. Work included Level I reconnaissance studies and Level II feasibility studies to construct additional buildings as defined in W.S. 9-5-108. Specific studies are highlighted below.

Wyoming State Capitol Level I and Level II Study- Feasibility Study of the Capitol

In 2012, the State Building Commission (SBC) approved Level I and Level II design for the Capitol. This was the first time that a formal study was conducted of the needs and estimated costs to rehabilitate and restore the Capitol. In 2013, the Legislature created the Joint Legislative and Executive Task Force on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration to develop recommendations for priorities for the Capitol. At the request of the Task Force, the SBC approved funding in 2013 to include the Herschler Building and connecting tunnel in the Level I and II study to address space needs that could not be met in the Capitol.

Executive Summary

Volume I: Technical Report

Volume II: Applied Research

Volume III: Design Team Reports and Findings

Volume IV: Herschler Supplement