Capitol Oversight Group approves schematic design for Herschler Building exterior

(05/06/2015) CHEYENNE, WYO – The Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group approved the schematic design for the Herschler Building exterior and four-story executive office addition during their May 5 meeting in Cheyenne.

The schematic design adds elements to the Herschler Building, making it more complimentary to the Capitol and the Wyoming Supreme Court Building. It addresses issues of water infiltration, corrosion, wall gaps and rotting window blocks. The design removes “fins” on the Herschler Building, replacing them with more stately window treatments and columns. The executive office addition includes elements commensurate with the dignity of the Capitol. The Herschler Building’s appearance will tie into the Capitol complex.

Additionally, the new exterior design allows more daylight into the building interior and improves the performance of the exterior of the building. New circulation stairs will be located in the triangular notches of the building.

The Oversight Group oversees all components of the Capitol Square Project including: the restoration and rehabilitation of the Capitol; the renovation, rehabilitation and addition to the Herschler Building; the renovation of the gallery; addition of a central utility plant and temporary space accommodations for the occupants of the Capitol and Herschler Building. The Oversight Group created the subcommittee to work directly with the design team during its meeting. The subcommittee includes Sen. Nicholas, Sen. Tony Ross, Rep. Rosie Berger, former Sen. E. Jayne Mockler, and Deputy Treasurer Pat Arp.

During the meeting, the Oversight Group approved the subcommittee’s recommended schematic design for the Herschler Building and the executive office addition. The approved design is within the project’s budget. The members also requested drawings with a greater level of detail to emphasize the timelessness and traditional quality of the executive office addition.  With the approval of the schematic design, the next step is for the design team to work with the subcommittee to develop a final design for the Oversight Group’s approval.

May 6, 2015
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