Interim location of state offices and agencies announced

CHEYENNE, WYO (04/17/2015)- The Wyoming Department of Administration and Information, Construction Management Division today announced the temporary locations of state offices and agencies impacted by the Capitol Square Project.

The Capitol Square Project is a major renovation of the national historic landmark Wyoming State Capitol and the adjacent Herschler Building, as well as an executive office addition to the Herschler. This complex multi-year project will repair and modernize the buildings while making much needed health, safety, security and electrical upgrades.

To reduce costs, shorten the construction process and reduce disruption to the public and state government activities, the State Capitol will be vacated during the renovation and construction process. However, not all state employees will leave the Herschler Building during construction. The west side of the Herschler Building will be occupied while the east side of the Herschler Building will be renovated first.

With a few exceptions, most of the initial moves to interim spaces will occur in the summer of 2015. Construction Management is working with each agency to develop a move schedule, which will be released as decisions are finalized.

The following is an updated list of where agencies will be moving for the duration of the project:

  • The following agencies will move from the Herschler building to the Capitol Hill building (former Delta Dental building) located at 320 West 25th Street: Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety, Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Attorney General Division of Victim Services and Attorney General Division of School Finance Litigation.
  • The Wyoming Legislature and the Legislative Service Office will be in the Jonah Business Center at 3001 E. Pershing Boulevard in Cheyenne.
  • The Wyoming Governor’s Office, including its policy office currently located in the Herschler, will be in the former Idelman Mansion, located at 2323 Carey Avenue.
  • The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office, Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office and Wyoming State Auditor’s Office will be located at 2020 Carey Ave., also known as the US Bank Building.
  • The Wyoming Attorney General’s Office will be in the former Kendrick Building, located at 2320 Capitol Avenue.
  • The majority of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality will be located at 200 West 17th Street, known as the Financial Center Building.
  • The State of Wyoming is working on a lease to move the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services to 614 South Greeley Highway in the former Town and Country Liquor building.

The following agencies will remain in Herschler Building and move to the west side once space is available: Wyoming Department of Audit, State Engineer’s Office, State Board of Equalization, Wyoming Environmental Quality Council, Water Quality Division of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Wyoming Department of Revenue and the Wyoming Office of State Lands.

The project team takes the health and safety of employees very seriously. We will be working with the construction/renovation to completely block off the construction areas in the Herschler, developing a separate entrance and separating the air and ventilation systems from the construction area.

About the Wyoming Capitol Square Project

During the 2014 budget session, the Wyoming Legislature approved a historic project to rehabilitate and restore the Capitol Building, rehabilitate the Herschler Building, build a four-story addition to the Herschler Building, expand the connecting tunnel between the two buildings, and provide for additional parking needs. The components of this project are now known as the “Capitol Square.” The goal of the project is to address significant deficiencies in both the existing buildings and to alleviate space crowding in the Capitol. This complex multi-year project will repair and modernize the buildings while making much needed health, safety, security and electrical upgrades.The Wyoming Department of Administration and Information Construction Management Division serves as the primary fiscal and contracting agent and eight legislators and the Governor serve as members of the Oversight Group on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration for the project. For more information, visit


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