Photos from the July 10 ribbon cutting

Happy birthday Wyoming! More than 130 years after it first opened to the public, the Wyoming Capitol reopened after a critical restoration. Thousands attended the July 10 ribbon cutting and tours of the project.

Capitol Blessing: Nathan Winters, Baptist Minister and Bernadine Craft, Episcopalian Priest

Posting of the Colors: Wyoming National Guard Joint Color Guard

National Anthem: Dyann Dierks

Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Senator Drew Perkins, President of the Wyoming Senate

  • The Honorable Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming

  • Tony Ross, Capitol Rehabilitation & Restoration Oversight Group, Chairman

  • Representative Steve Harshman, Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives

Closing Remarks: The Honorable Matthew H. Mead, Governor of Wyoming 2010-2019

Ribbon Cutting

  • Capitol Rehabilitation & Restoration Oversight Group: Governor Mark Gordon, Governor Matthew H. Mead, Treasurer Curt Meier, Rep. Eric Barlow, Sen. Eli Bebout, Rep. Rosie Berger, Rep. Kermit Brown, Rep. Cathy Connolly, Sen. Dan Dockstader, Sen. Fred Emerich,Rep. Steve Harshman, Rep. Tom Lubnau, Rep. David Miller, Rep. Bob Nicholas, Sen. Phil Nicholas, Sen. Drew Perkins, Sen. Tony Ross, Sen. Chris Rothfuss, Rep. Tim Stubson, Rep. Mary Throne

  • State Building Commission: Governor Mark Gordon, Secretary of State Edward Buchanan, State Treasurer Curt Meier, State Auditor Kristi Racines, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow

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