Opening of the House Chamber

The Wyoming House of Representatives held a brief opening ceremony for the House Chamber on July 10.

The original 1917 paint schemes in the Legislative Chambers have been recreated. The current House and Senate Chambers were built in 1917. For that expansion, the east and west facades from 1890 were taken down, moved, and reassembled. Three windows on the east facade were filled in when the House Chamber was expanded in the 1970s but are now restored.

Each Chamber includes four murals painted by artist Allen Tupper True. Completed the same year as the current Chambers, the murals depict subjects that are woven throughout Wyoming’s history and culture.

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Restoration of the House Windows

The three windows that existed on the east side of the House Chamber, but were filled in when the House Chamber was expanded in the 1970s, have been restored. EverGreene Architectural Arts is putting the finishing touches on the decorative plaster molding.

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Historic Paint Restoration

Investigative paint studies revealed the original 1917 color palette and decorative designs.

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Infrastructure Work

Based on the invasive infrastructure work that has taken place to address life safety, building system, and code-related issues, the Capitol needed to be repainted. The invasive infrastructure work included new piping and ductwork above the ceiling on the third floor of the House Chamber.

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