Garden level entrances opened to historic dimensions

The four entrances to the garden level have been opened to their historic dimensions, providing a more welcoming entrance for individuals entering the building. The historic dimensions are twice as big as the previous entrances.

The historic ceiling heights have been restored to reclaim the grandeur of this space, including the arched openings.

Workers from Stanard Drywall Inc., based in Jackson, finish up the new drywall.

The main entrances in garden level were excavated in the Spring of 2018 to reinforce foundations and install piping and ductwork underneath the floor.

The Capitol's foundation needed to be strengthened in order to support the large mechanical ductwork that now runs beneath the garden level. The process, called underpinning, took place in late 2016 through early 2017. The underpinning process utilized micropiles, which are deep foundation elements constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel threaded bar. A specialized piece of machinery drilled rods through the soil to provide additional structural support for the foundation.

The removal of the suspended ceiling tiles and non-historic walls in 2016 exposed historic arches in the garden level.

What the garden level entrance areas looked like in December 2015 prior to the restoration. The ceilings on this floor were dropped well below historic levels to run ductwork and pipes overhead.

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