Restoration of Room 302

The original 1888 vaulted ceiling and extensive decorative paint have been restored to Room 302, which will house the Joint Appropriations Committee. More members of the public can be accommodated in this room.

The original 1888 vaulted ceiling has been restored in the meeting room, as well as the extensive decorative stenciling on the ceiling.

In early 2018, a new doorway was restored to the room as well as additional piping, electrical and ductwork.

In early 2018, workers installed new piping and ductwork into the old fireplace chutes, located in the corners of Room 302. The piping and ductwork ran from the garden level to new mechanical systems located in the attic.

In September 2017, demolition removed the suspended ceiling and restored the original ceiling heights.

In March 2016, the chandelier was removed from Room 302. Notice how low ceiling covered the the window in the room. The chandelier and stained glass, which was also removed, will be restored to the historic Supreme Court Chamber.

What Room 302 looked like in 1902 when the State Museum was housed here with the Wyoming Fossils & Minerals Display. Photo courtesy of Wyoming State Archives, Stimson Collection.

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