Preparing to gild the dome

The Gilder's Studio started preparation work to gild the new copper on the Capitol dome with 24-carat gold leaf. Because the copper is new, an etching solution is being applied so that the gold-leaf will adhere to the surface.

The replacement and repair work is finishing up on the dome and gilding is one of the final steps to complete the dome work. Extensive work to the dome includes replacement and repair of the existing decorative sheet metal, repainting, roof repair, and re-gilding of the dome. The repairs will extend the life expectancy of the dome by over 75 years.

A worker with the Gilder's Studio puts on the first coat of the etching solution.

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. has finished the decorative pieces on the upper sections of the Capitol dome. The pieces are made of copper and painted to match the rest of the entablature on the building. The remaining copper is being gilded with 24-carat gold leaf.

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