Drum restoration

The drum, the section under the gold-leafed dome, has been cleaned and repaired.

A solvent was used to remove the paint, as well as a wire brush and other tools.


Workers removed layers of paint and repaired decorative elements that needed to be fixed.


The base has been completely replaced with copper and sheet metal to better protect the building from the elements.

Significant repair and replacement work has occurred on the Capitol dome and drum structure, which consists of a sheet copper dome, covered in gold leaf, and a galvanized sheet metal lantern and drum. The entire structure had documented punctures, tears, dents, failed seams, corrosion, paint coating failure, significant water leakage, and many missing and loose elements.

The columns surrounding the windows on the drum have been painted to match the masonry.

Large punctures and failing paint were pervasive prior to the extensive restoration work on the dome and drum.

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