Dome scaffolding removal

The gold-leafed dome shone during this beautiful May morning as workers took down the remaining scaffolding. The Capitol dome is constructed of copper gilded in gold leaf. The entire structure needed to be repaired to address punctures, tears, dents, failed seams, corrosion, paint coating failure, significant water leakage, and many missing and loose elements. The damage is mainly from hail and 130 years of life and weather deterioration.

Before gilding, craftsmen with Renaissance Roofing, Inc. finished the decorative pieces on the upper sections of the Capitol dome. Due to the extensive damage, the original pieces were removed and recreated from copper and later painted to match the rest of the entablature on the Capitol.

The dome scaffolding was installed in September 2017 and a white covering was added to help facilitate the repairs and improve safety. Behind the covering, extensive work was done to replace and repair of the existing decorative sheet metal, repair the roof, and re-gild of the dome. The repairs will extend the life expectancy of the dome by over 75 years.

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